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In the world of Anthropology and Archaeology it is sometimes a challenge to find appropriate gifts for those special events, occasions and those special people in your life.  Sorta like being on a dig looking for artifacts.  It can take a while to discover what you are looking for but when you do unearth that artifact it gives you an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

All the skull illustrations are original artwork based on research of actual fossil finds.  You can unearth great Anthropology and Archaeology gifts right now under the Ideal Gifts tab in the main menu or using the following links.  

homo sapiens skull

Discover the past one Skull at a time.
Using the Human Evolution tab reveals a wealth of really good information about each hominin species used for the artwork on this site. You will acquire a complete understanding of human evolution right from the beginning of our human legacy, in layman's terms with no clutter or fluff.